Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator, White

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Featured Specifications

Solves equations with integral/ differential and probability functions
REF/PREF function
Random Integers
Unit converter
ggT und kgV function
Chi-squared GOF Function
Pie charts and bar graphics
Financial mathematics and depreciations
Pre-installed ECON2 application for measurement value logging
Overhead panel compatible with any FX-9750GII
USB port
Open (e.g. windows options) settings by mouse click (similar to a PC mouse click)
Inequality (auto shading)
Zoom, Trace, Plot, Scroll
Table of function values
Integral calculus
Complex numbers
Matrices (max. 12 x 255)
Simultaneous equation solver
SCI/FIX/ENG Features
26 levels of parenthesis
Converts polar coordinates in rectangular coordinates and inverse
Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
Calculations in centesimal degree, arc degree and radian
Converts sexagesimal in decimal and inverse
Automatic fraction calculation
Random number generator
Sign Change
2D Statistics
Permutation, combinatorics
Regression analysis
Calculates and converts in decimal/hexadecimal/octal/binary
Logical connections AND, OR, NOT, XOR und XNOR
Advanced statistics functions of the evaluated statistics like t-Test, Chi-square Test, normal distribution, binominal distribution
Finance mathematics functions like interests and compound interests, cash flow, amortisation
Data exchange with other graphics calculators (optional) or PC possible

From the manufacturer

CASIO FX-9750GII Graphic Calculator

The FX-9750G11 is a modern dynamic graphic calculator, capable of quick graphing and analysis of conic expressions in rectangular, polar and parametric formats. The calculator also has a built in catalogue of functions to help find unfamiliar commands.



Fulfilling Standard Functions

In addition to the basic arithmetic operations, functions such as graph drawing (GRAPH), calculation tables (TABLE) and calculations using equations (EQUA) provide all the basic functions that your learning requires, offering full educational support.

Strong Build And Design

Built for the rigours of classroom and student life, the FX-9750GII is built from hard wearing materials and includes a protective case.







Graph and Table

Polynomial Equations



Additional features

Direct projector connection

Compatibility with data projectors enables the fx-9750GII display to be easily projected up onto a screen.

Data logger connection

A variety of experimental data values in classes can be analysed through the connected sensor.