Go Des Magnetic 360 Degree Swivel Head Phone Holder Ventilation Design-GD-HD641


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Go Des GD-HD641 Magnetic 360 Degree Swivel Head Phone Holder Ventilation Design
Compact oval design, safe and solid magnet structure with strong adhesion.
Thanks to its 360-degree swivel head, the phone's screen can be easily rotated, fixed or tilted to any angle.
Magnetic is safe to use and will not damage any smart device.
You can easily attach and use it to the ventilation compartments of the vehicle thanks to the grill clip.
Thanks to the strong magnetic holders, it keeps your device tight and stable despite all the vibrations and the weight of the device.
Manufactured using high purity aluminum alloy to form the outer body of the bracket.
Design marvel with CNC high precision cutting and polishing arc appearance.
Its soft and smooth front surface does not damage your device by scratching during placement.
There is a harmful material for health content.