InWin SR24 PRO 240mm ARGB AIO Twin Turbine Liquid CPU Radiator Cooler (IW-LC-SR24PRO)

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Brand IN WIN
Cooling Method Water
Noise Level 23 dB

About this item

  • Patented Integrated Twin Turbines - The patented twin-turbine function runs parallel with one another and functions simunateously to push both currents toward the copper cold-plate to significantly reduce the temperature and keep hardware cool.
  • Water Block Intricately Created by Sandblasting Anodized Aluminium (New!)
  • Improved AIO Design to Accelerate Heat Dispatching (New!) Array of Microchannel Fins - The SR PRO Series possesses a high waterflow pump, which enhances cooling performance directly on the copper plate to cool the CPU. The copper plate hosts an array of microchannel fins that dissipates heat.
  • Specially Designed ARGB Static Pressure Fans. Radiator Fans that Flow! - The Jupiter series AJF120 case fans are specially designed for liquid-cooling. The fans feature high airflow (101. 5 CFM), high static pressure (4. 22mm H2O) and possesses a high-speed mode that ramp up the RPMs to 2500.
  • Behold, the Vibrant Intensity of 16.8 Million ARGB Color Combinations (New!) Cautionary LEDs - The pump illuminates a white LED logo under normal circumstances. If it detects an unusual current or excessive heat, the LEDs will flash red and blue to prevent damaging components.
  • Syncs with Addressable Motherboards - There are about 16. 8 million ARGB color possibilities, which means the AJF120 case fans allow the customization to meet your build’s standards. Users can choose to control lighting independently by using the One-Click controller included or to sync with an addressable motherboard (3-pin, 5V).

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