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  • VOICE CONTROL & IFTTT Works with Alexa or Google Assistant (BroadLink skill). Just say to your Echo or Google Home/Nest speakers to control lights. You can also use Siri on iPhone for voice control or use IFTTT for more potential home automations.
  • REMOTE CONTROL & SCHEDULES Remote control home lights from anywhere. Set up schedules to turn on/off with single timer, repeated timer, delay timer or random timer. Use Away Mode on Alexa to turn off all lights when you leave home.
  • SCENES & ROUTINES Create various scenes as you desired, such as one button to turn on/off all lights, or set up routines for automated controls such as when the door is opened, turn on lights.
  • YOUR SMART HOME CONTROLLER Not only for lights! Buttons can be configured in Routines to trigger other smart home devices or scenes – Making your light switch to be universal smart home controller. Global 24/5 call center support from 6 regions. NOTE: Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (not for 5GHz).